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Light ...

... a little love letter for me (and for you)

Lately, I’ve been confronting and contemplating light: in form and frequency, meaning and manifestation, wavelength and wonder.

While I’m still sitting with much of it, I’m also sharing the radiant realisations that have glowed and flowed through me. I love light … … the beautiful outer light of the sun, moon and everything in-between. Dappled through trees, shimmering on water, the night sky. My colour of choice is white. I struggle with inner light … letting it show, letting it shine. I felt the polarity of hiding it and honouring it during a recent photoshoot. Some of the stories I tell around it include:

  • If the spotlight is on me, it can’t be on anyone else (and that’s selfish)

  • It means I’m over confident (self-centred!)

  • Who am I to shine (I’m not good enough … physically, intellectually, etc.)?

  • If I shine / show who I really am, people won't like me (rejection)

There is a beautiful @mariannewilliamson quote about it that I often share with others (and try to heed myself). I’m sitting with this idea — my light is different to everyone else’s. And we all need to shine our unique light. When we do, we help fill the sky, finish the puzzle. Your light can’t look like anyone else’s so stop copying, start creating. Light is a spectrum. It responds to frequency. Show yours.

Nature knows.

Nature shows.

Step into the light.

Thank you for capturing the light.


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