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Autumn & The Art of Letting Go

Allow me to tell you a little story and share a savasana ...

5 years ago – after years of searching – we found our dream country home: forest, spring, space, history, whimsical winding driveway and more ... I remember viewing the farm pre and post heart surgery knowing a new life, a new way, beckoned.

2.5 years ago I went on a dream retreat in Bali that truly moved me, opened me, inspired me, connected me. I felt peace and presence like never before.

2 weeks ago, I hosted my first retreat at the farm in our lovingly restored yoga barn. It felt spellbinding to be of service, to create a sacred circle, and to share in soulful sisterhood.

Each of these paragraphs will find their way into chapters in my book. Little pieces of the puzzle to find my purpose. In the meanwhile, I share their significance as signposts; to help shine a light on the reason for this blog entry.

England – particularly the countryside – has taught me so much about the seasons. I moved to the UK to set myself free; to release a part of myself; to let go of people and places that no longer served me. And as synchronicity would have it, the title of my first retreat was Autumn & The Art of Letting go.

While walking in my backyard forest, the retreat's savasana (the final, conscious yet resting pose at the end of a yoga practice) flew to me on a gentle breeze as divine inspiration often does. It was a beautiful feeling. And given the savasana feedback, that divinity and beauty continued its journey to settle in the cells of those that joined us.

So I thought I would let it travel a little further ... to you.

Before you listen to the link, allow me to set the scene:

Autumn is a powerful season of transition, where we get to witness Mother Nature release all that she no longer needs – in a blaze of fiery-hued glory – to turn inward. Inspired by this – and the trees that shed their leaves to nourish their roots – we have a wonderful opportunity to mirror this natural cycle. To let go of something that is no longer serving us; something we don't need to carry any more; something that might be emotionally weighing us down.

I invite you to pause right now, and take a quiet moment to reflect on summer's sunshine and early autumn's abundance (and if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, the concept of this). 'Harvest' that which is good for you, and hone in on something that perhaps you are ready to let go of. What does this look like? It could be something physical in your home, it could be a relationship dynamic or a past hurt, it could be an older version of yourself, it could be an expectation placed on you by someone (or by yourself!), it could even be your inner voice that perhaps isn’t always kind.

There is no right or wrong answer. And if you can't think of something, that's okay too. It might come to you during or even after the savasana ... but just knowing that at any time you can (when ready) release something that is no longer serving you, is liberating in itself. After all, it's natural (like nature!).

How to use this audio? Listen after your yoga practice; following any mindful movement; to help release something; or even when you just need a rest and reset. Simply tune into your body and breath, with my voice as your humble guide.


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