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My yoga journey began when I attended a class with my Aunt as a kid in South Africa.  More than a decade later - and a continent away - I attended a class while living and working in London.  Both of these solo encounters left an imprint on me - an experience of unexplainable joy and peace. The seeds were planted.


A work press trip took me to the foothills of the Himalayas when I was in my early 20s. I fell in love with India and my eyes were opened in so many ways.  I sat in a Vedanta lecture, trekked at dawn to a hill temple, white water rafted Mother Ganga, was gifted with my first mala beads, had the most incredible Ayurvedic shirodhara treatment, and had a private yoga session with a local yogi. I was being shown, but it still wasn’t the time to make it mine… 


Six months after our daughter was born, I craved both moving my body and an hour away from being a mother to two young souls. I joined a yoga class in Bristol where we were living.  The memories came flooding back. My body remembered - beyond time and space - that this was for me, had always been for me. 


That was a decade ago.  I’ve had a dedicated practice ever since.  It’s been a journey of self study and teachers in many forms. It’s my honour and privilege to share what I have learned so far.


For those interested in my formal training / qualifications.  I have completed the ‘Yoga in Depth’ course at Bristol City Yoga, a Yoga Alliance accredited 225 YTT through Siddhi Yoga International in Rishikesh (not far from my Himalayan yoga experience) and am currently enrolled in Yin Yoga, Chakras, and Ayurveda Certification courses with them.  I’ve attended a Shamanic Energy Healing course, received my Masters in Psychology of Education and have an insatiable interest in all aspects of wellbeing. 

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