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The Creative Process

The Creative Process is the Gift This is the message I received on my forest walk today. I seek the result. Believing that’s the measure of success. As I walked in nature this morning, I became aware of and embodied the notion that it's the creative process itself that I crave. The result is final, finished, finite … everything that the creative process is not. I bow in reverence to the unending infinite. It’s the feeling of being in flow that lights me up. I feel connected to something greater, I channel something higher.

I ride the wave of inspiration, swept up and beyond myself. The current of creativity my currency. In these moments, I am aware of my abundance. I have access to it all.

I don’t need it to be complete, to become concrete. To present it to the outer world instead of enjoying it in my inner world. It’s the possibility and process that pours nectar into every nerve; animated energy flowing through my veins; beauty being birthed with every breath.

It’s the feeling, not the form.


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