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Seasons & Spirals

I’m a Leo. Fire is my element. I like the sun and shining. I love summer and all that it symbolises. It's my happy place. It feels like home.

Winter is my opposite. My opponent. My obstacle. And my opportunity. Her darkness, death and decay makes me feel dis-ease. She is frigid and foreign ...

... she is also freedom and the future, for she births the new.

We remember. We need one to know the other. It's all one beautiful journey of seasons and spirals.

When I think about this in terms of the seasons of my life, I’m in winter. Everything feels slow, sleepy, suspended …

I bloomed in my spring teen years. I bore summer fruits in my late 20s. And the autumn of my late 30s was a letting go: an existential awakening and shedding of who I thought I was … and a search for who I am. And so in my 40s, it’s currently winter – composting in order to create. I can feel the dormancy stirring. I'm on the cusp of re-emerging. Knowing that my second spring will come, fills me with hope. But first: time and tilling, patience and perspective, stillness and surrender. This winter is necessary. The process must be honoured.

I’ve also been contemplating the path so often proposed. I went to university, followed a career path, got married, bought a house, had kids … but what comes next? Where’s the rest of the peoples’ pre-ordained plan? Is that the peak? The plateau?

When there is no longer a map (the outer), you have to trace the lines of your sinews and cells (the inner) to find the life and landscape that lights your way. You are the one you have been waiting for. And the path is an ascending spiral.

Perhaps it’s time to throw out all the rules so respectfully followed, and find reverence in the unruly. It doesn’t have to be a grand revolution, just a daily dose up towards the divine … and a devotion to the cycles. Day after day, month after month, season after season, year after year.

A continuous sprout, shine, shed, surrender spiral.

Can you recognise the season you are in? Within this day, this month, this year, this life? Can you sit with her offerings and surrender to her opposites?

Sending spirals of love.

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