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Have you spent time with your heartbeat lately?

We talk about the heart a lot. But beyond her ‘power’ physically and energetically, have you narrowed it down to the nuance? Specifically your experience of your heartbeat.

A soulful sensation that’s with you all the time and if you get still enough, you can hear her talking to you. Her language is subtle yet steadfast. She’ll let you know when you’ve in resonance and when you need regulating.

The heartbeat is the sacred sound that confirms a pregnancy is viable. The abounding signals life … and absence, death.

Think about the words rooted in heart: heartfelt, heartsore, heartbroken, heartland, heartless, coldhearted, warmhearted, heartening, halfhearted … .

Think about the phrases: from the heart, follow your heart, eat your heart out, change of heart, heart of gold, heart of stone, heart-to-heart, know it by heart …

Think about the meanings: vital organ, innermost part of something, essence, emotional centre, love, courage …

But back to the beat. My beat was 300-a-minute at 6 weeks old; putting a strain on me, putting a strain on my parents. It also set the stage and story for much of my life. You can read more about it here.

I have always been acutely aware and in tune with my heartbeat. Anticipating and analysing any changes. Surgery six years ago was supposed to ‘fix’ my ‘flawed’ heart. I didn’t like the change. I missed my ‘old’ heart. The original me. I felt different. Disconnected.

My heartbeat has been reaching out to me again lately. I’ve been listening. I’ve been spending time with her: during meditation, breathwork, climbing a hill, getting out of a hot bath, holding a mudra. I can feel her not only in my heart … but also in my head, my fingertips, my belly and more. Sometimes she’s small and almost still, other times expansive and energetic … almost beating beyond me.

We seek so much outside of ourselves. So I’m sharing the reminder I have been recently receiving: to spend time with my inner landscape, my resting rhythm. To learn and listen.

Close your eyes and connect. Can you feel her? Can you hear her?

P.S. no story is needed, just somatics.


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