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A Preamble Ramble

I've started countless novels and the process is always plagued by procrastination and perfectionism. I will admit to being incredibly indecisive and often fleeting in what holds my attention. I like to leave the door open to other ideas, inspirations and inclinations. This isn't getting me anywhere with my book.

I know that I was born to write. To share my poetic perspective. So, to answer my calling and hold myself accountable, I have a two-fold idea. Part Charles Dickens (note: the only comparison I'm daring to make here, is that two of his novels were published in a weekly periodical), I want to write and share my book as I go. Right here on my newly created blog. This way, I can't mull over any paragraph or piece too long. And the structure will simply be a collection of anecdotes, adventures and awakenings as they arise.

Here's where it gets a little interesting. Part two harps back to my childhood love of 'choose your own adventure' books. It is going to be a memoir: who I was, am and still becoming. As my journey is (hopefully) far from over, I'd like to invite you to help me write it. What has piqued your interest? What fork in the road should I take? What story would you like to read next? And, hopefully not too often, tell my about a typo!

Perhaps friends - old and new - are be reading along and can share a story or prompt a remembering. Perhaps perfect strangers will provide insight, make objective connections, or suggest things I could explore. I'm nervously excited. Shall we dive right in? Click to read Chapter 1.


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