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A Love Letter From My Third Chakra

My dear Leo, you know your dominant element is fire. It hasn’t been burning bright. Your ‘agni’ is almost asleep. Your digestion is dull. Your adrenals are agitated.

Oh bloated belly, it’s beyond mere food. You hold too much here, clinging to control. I’ve been trying to get your attention for years.

Do you remember that time when you stepped out of your comfort zone and attended a Shamanic Energy Healing course? And as you were practised on, a fellow participant told you he felt your solar plexus speaking to him.

What about that time you sought answers through cranio sacral therapy. You experienced extreme energy: constriction around your stomach, sensations that continued long after you left each session.

Your Reiki therapist mentioned intensity around your solar plexus last time too.

And even your own meditations: I visited you in the form of abdomen contractions, trying to show you the congestion.

You haven’t been breathing in your belly for decades after those childish comments from school peers that your belly was too big. You sucked it in, and shut it off. Tucking it into tight jeans. Breathing above your diaphragm. Slowly suffocating yourself. Prana is life force. You forced it to navigate and nourish only the surface.

Your solar plexus is the seat of your self-esteem, your power and personality, the place of transformation? No wonder you have been doubting yourself. You have been looking for answers, but haven’t been listening … The trouble is, you searched outside of yourself.

During your meditation today, I spoke a little more subtly, through signs and symbols, hoping you would connect the dots. You did. I’m so proud of you.

Yes, last week when you meditated, I contracted your solar plexus repeatedly. I pushed it, desperate to finally get your attention. I know I made you look 4 months pregnant, and that you had to lie down. But didn’t it feel so cathartic to pass all that stagnation and sluggishness over the coming days?

I felt you twist and detox on the yoga mat. I felt you choose to put your hands on your belly instead of your heart during your daily meditations. My flame of hope began to burn a little brighter.

Today was the day. Everything aligned. The Mystic told you to trust your intuition. I felt you let go of your perpetual purpose pursuit this morning in bed. Trusting in yourself and that everything would be revealed in its own time. You lit a sun-yellow beeswax candle before your practice. I am the sun. You watched the reflection in the window and saw three flames. I am number three. You chose to put your hands in chin mudra (consciousness) for the first time, and placed them over your belly. You descended deeper today - rays of bliss rippling through your body. You were looking into your third eye. It was here that I sent you the dragon’s eye. I wasn’t sure you realised what it was at first, so I sent it a few times, in my complementary colour and the third eye’s signature: purple. I trusted that you would know where to look.

I began to glow as you picked up The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck - remembering that the dragon had appeared to you a few days ago on Instagram. You began to smile when you realised that the dragon is linked to the third chakra, “the city of hidden gems”. You did some excavating today. Yes! The dragon is symbolic of eternal energy, transformation, agni fire, digestion and sacred intelligence. It is able to see the true self; see the inner and outer realms. You jumped onto her back for a ride. You understood the message, acknowledged the beauty and accepted the journey.

I know there is so much more to this story; synchronicities that only you can understand. Enjoy all the excavating still to come. This is merely a moment in time, born from all the moments before, and birthing all the moments to come.

I am proud of you. I am glad you listened. Keep listening. Breathe deeply. And enjoy the unravelling that awaits. It’s time to work on unblocking and unlocking the chakras above me. The heart is next. I know this one is near and dear to you.

In self-confidence and brilliant sunlight,



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